Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bits of This & That

Well, the termites should be dead -- and the garage is back to better than before.  There is more than enough room now for my hubby's Mercury.

And my car has its own space close to the kitchen door so I can easily unload the groceries.

And the storage shelves are more accessible.  As you can see to the right of the shelving we still have a couple of items to sell -- the small kitchen dining set and the glass topped coffee and end tables.  

All in all a job well done and glad to have it finished.

Our winter friends have been arriving in the yard and they are a joy to watch.  This little fellow has taken up daily residence on this pole.  He sips from the feeder, then perches on the pole and watches all the other birds in the yard with an eagle eye occasionally flapping his wings just for show I guess.

We set out a quail block and for the first week had only a miscellany of both large and small birds descending upon it with no quails in sight although they had been running through the yard for months before.

Finally they've decided this block was set out especially for them and they descended as a community and frantically chipped away at the goodies.  I can sit at the dining room table and watch them in their antics.  We counted 22 at one time yesterday afternoon.

The wonderful balmy fall weather we've been experiencing suddenly departed and we've been dumped wholly into winter.  Wednesday night the winds started howling and continued all through the night with rain and we woke up to 44 degree weather.  Brrrrrr -- this is Arizona after all and although we're from New England, we're not used to this anymore.  Friday we had snow on our mountain and hopefully that's where it stays.

Time for Chocolate Turkeys this afternoon when we play cards.  That's Wild Turkey bourbon and hot chocolate ... yum, yum and warms your tummy and toes.

Blessings on your weekend ... may it be peaceful and warming to your soul,

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