Monday, December 26, 2011

Arizona Waterfall

If you live in Arizona you know that rain is rather scant.  We are in our "rainy" season now and it has rained a few days and we even had snow on this mountain a couple of weeks ago.

It's entirely within the realm of possibility that a waterfall might have water running over it.

So we all got together yesterday morning and went out to the desert to do some target practice and then decided to take a trek into the back country to see the waterfall.  Beautiful quiet area --

One son, his girlfriend, and my husband went in her Jeep and my other son and I had his Dodge Dakota.  The road was a bit rocky -- to say the least --

Actually looking at this picture it's hard to tell where the "road" actually is but we finally arrived to see the waterfall -- Arizona style!

Yep, that's it -- we're actually standing in the riverbed -- come to find out that's what the road is as well so if there's water in coming over the waterfall more than likely you don't want to be in the riverbed.

Beautiful place and we enjoyed it anyway even without water -- nice family day.

Just love these Arizona winters!!


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