Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friends and Oops!

I got a chance to visit friends in Tucson for brunch -- so nice to be back in touch with these lovely ladies.  Food was great too!

Cheers to all!

Then home to this!   Big oops at the house we're selling -- where did all the water go?

Guess it all went down this rip.  SO, it's time for a new pool liner.  Update in a couple of weeks when I preview the brand new pool!

I brought this lovely lady home with me for a few days -- she's my best friend -- and we're having a wonderful time catching up with each other.

It's girl talk week ... oh, my poor husband!  Actually he loves her, too, and we're blessed to have her in our lives.


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  1. Friends are so precious, especially this time of year. Hope the pool gets fixed soon. I hate that when I spring a leak--