Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feed the Spirit -- The Hotline

When my boys were young and I was trying to instill in them a sense of their need to pray and connect with their Heavenly Father, I gave them this example.

When they were at play and hurt themselves they would cry for Mama to come and help them, to make whatever boo-boo had occurred feel better.  And Mama came quickly because she knew and loved her boys.

Then I likened this story to their budding relationship with God who was their Heavenly Father and always wanted to take care of them.  But they needed to keep the lines of communication open so He would know who they were.

Back then, before cell phones, if someone were stranded and needed help they would call family or friends "collect" and the called party had to accept charges for the call before you could be connected.  If you called someone who did not know you, most likely they would not accept and pay for your call.

In the same way my boys needed to maintain a close relationship with God by talking to Him every day so that when they were in need of His immediate help they could call on Him and He would accept their call because He knew them as His own.

Even as adults, actually -- especially as adults -- in this chaotic, topsy-turvy world we, too, need to maintain that relationship with our Father because we will have many times when we need to call on Him and we never want to hear "I never knew you." (Matthew 7:21-24)

May your hotline to your Father be always alive and in good repair for the times of your life when you need Him.


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