Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More Winter Friends

We put a quail block in the backyard and FINALLY we have quail visiting.   They come as a whole community and shoo off the bigger birds until they have finished feasting.

This little fellow decided to perch on a branch of the asparagus fern just below where his feeder is located.

It was early morning and very chilly and I was just in my pj's coming into the kitchen when I spied him.  So I slowly ventured outside (shivering) and he let me walk right up to him and take his picture.

Packing again -- just off to Phoenix and then Tucson for a few days to visit friends.

Oh,  I finally found a little swivel rocker that just barely fits in a tiny space between the bed and outside wall in my guest room.  It's a sunny room most of the day and a place I wanted to be able to cozy up and read -- and now I can!

There is no room here for a little table so I use a small stainless steel tray to hold my teacup and snack.

This is where I'll spend many winter afternoon hours ... cozy and warm ... and lost in whatever I'm reading at the moment.



  1. nice post thanks for sharing..happy holidays...

  2. What a cozy, fun nook! Have fun down here in the "valley" and farther south. Enjoy the holidays.