Saturday, June 30, 2012

Busy First Week ...

We took possession of the new house Tuesday afternoon and by Thursday afternoon, my son and I removed all the carpet and all the tile from the house.  2600 lbs loaded onto the truck and then off the truck into the dump!  All in 110+ heat!  Needless to say, Jeff is losing weight and I'm building muscles.

Removed carpet from dining room floor -- it's going to be tiled.

First step to new tile is removing the old tile, then the cement has to be ground off (oh, messy, messy, messy!!).  Only time I can imagine doing this is before you move in -- everything gets coated with cement dust!

Living room carpet removed ...

This will be the office -- two large closets -- yeah!

And we had the wrinkles on the pool steps removed.  The realtor's pool maintenance people let the water level recede and when the liner slipped, they just re-filled the pool with water.  The liner is only a year old so we had the company come back and re-do the steps.  They came out like new but I forgot to take a picture of the results.  Guess that will come next time.

Later this afternoon we're having a little family pool party and celebrating with champagne and chinese food and a nice dip in the pool.

Enjoy your weekend!

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