Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Ride

We had a meeting to attend on Saturday morning in Parker so on the way back home we decided to take a peek at Parker Dam.  The dam is built on the border between Arizona and California and supplies both hydroelectric power and water to areas of southern California, Phoenix and Tucson. 

 It is 320 feet high (with 235 feet located below the riverbed) making it the tallest dam in the world.  It separates Lake Havasu on the high side from the Colorado River on the low side so boat traffic cannot pass through the area.  But from the number of boats we saw on the river it doesn't seem to bother anyone.  There are 30 miles of shoreline along the Colorado River in this area with an abundance of RV parks giving access to the water.

It's actually quite a graceful structure ...

After you cross into California there is a scenic byway along the Colorado River ...

Here is the river, rocky mountains and sand dunes all in one spot ...

And these burros taking a stroll ... 

They were heading here to "burro heaven" ... green grass, shade trees and an irrigation system to keep them cool!

And this little fella is adorable ... 

Nice afternoon ride ... back to packing tomorrow.

Til next time, 


  1. What a wonderful place to get good photos! Looks very different than were I live in Florida! Hope you enjoy a nice week!

  2. Ann, I love your photos, especially of the burros standing in the shade. That's where I'd be too!

  3. I love these photos, Ann! Gorgeous. I would be all over those sweet burros, and you're right, the dam is very beautiful - almost elegant!


  4. Gorgeous! Also, I have burro envy. I just want to rub my face on those soft ears. I have problems, I know.