Friday, June 1, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions ...

Too many choices.  If there were less choices, then the task would be easier.  We've decided to go with a gray/silver color theme for the house.  I never realized how very many shades of gray there are and how easily it picks up the colors around it.  There is blue/gray, green/gray, yellow/gray, pink/gray, brown/gray ... and on and on it goes.  And what looks one way in the store or in the rental home where we are living now does not look at all the same in the new house.

We've finally decided (I think) that we are going through the extra work -- oh, I do mean real yucky, dirty work -- of removing all the tile in the house (over 1000 square feet) and laying new.  We cannot exactly match the tile that is there now and trying to blend together two different tiles just isn't working. This is the current tile --

So we'll be spending a good deal of our time at first just getting the old tile up.  I know from the flip house we did last year that it is a really difficult and dirty and back breaking job.  But my son says that if he's going to do the house he wants to do it right and it just doesn't look right to mix tiles.

These were some earlier possibilities we discarded for one reason for another --

I found a nice 18" tile today that looks really good with the lighting in the new house and is wonderfully neutral so we will not tire of it in the future.

Here is a closer look --

And, then, of course will be carpet and paint colors ... the carpet standing behind the tile on the bed above actually goes very well with the tile.  It looks a little blue here but that's because it's sitting on an aqua bedspread.  It's called Sterling Silver and is a very true gray.  The one to the left is quite blue and doesn't work.

And I have paint chips everywhere ... like I said too many choices!  And that choice will come later when we're in the house and can paint samples on the walls.  But I have some ideas.

So this is how my guest bedroom is looking most days now --

Nothing more I can do with this until I get some more carpet samples.  So off to enjoy a hot weekend -- it's 112 now at 6 PM and will probably go up another degree or two.  I can't wait to "own" this pool ...

We'll be taking our pre-dinner drinks up and taking a dip as soon as we close near the end of June.  The new house is only a half mile away so it's a quick trip and we'll be making it often.

Blessings on your weekend,

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  1. I can't wait to see your process. You'll need the pool soon. Show us the fun.