Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lookee ...

A thrift store find!  Lake Havasu is not the shopping mecca of the west so my poking around for goodies is rather limited.  But today I dropped off a couple of bags at the Hospice Retail Store and went inside to peek at what might have arrived over the weekend.  Oh, I found a goodie -- a complete set for 8 (nothing missing!) -- and with serving pieces -- of Wm Rogers silverplate.  It's the Devonshire (or Mary Lou) pattern from 1938 and it has barely been used.

Here is a picture just as I picked it up -- not bad at all.  I'll enjoy spending some time polishing it up and finding a chest to keep it shiny.  I have a set of my own given to me by my parents about 45 years ago and this new set has even less use on it than mine from what I can see.

A little bit of tarnish ...

Love the pattern ... detailed and delicate ...

And all for less money than I would pay for a set of stainless at Walmart.  Yippee!

Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow morning ... and then, since it's going to be 113 or so as it was today, I'm taking lunch to my son and we're going to spend the afternoon in the pool.

Make it a happy day!


  1. What a good find!! Yes, stay where it's cool, missy.

  2. Oh!!! Lucky you! Great find, have fun polishing.